Leveraging outsourced expertise is one of the best
ways to succeed in today’s ever-shifting business

Summit HR Solutions provides high-quality, cost-effective, full-scale HR support for companies too small or early-stage to justify the cost of a full time, senior level resource. Summit HR also provides interim, fractional or full time HR expertise for large organizations.

Your VP-level HR professional looks and feels like part of your team while providing comprehensive HR Support and best practices in hiring, compensation, benefits, employee relations, leadership development, and performance management.

With Summit HR Solutions on your team, you have someone focused on both the tactical and strategic needs of your organization, able to evolve and grow right along with your company.

“Teton Waters Ranch has experienced explosive growth over the past 6 months, and Summit HR Solutions has been a tremendous resource in building out the human resource systems that allowed us to successfully scale the business to meet increased demand for our products. In the space of less than 4 months, working in our office just 2 days per week, our VP level Consultant brought in our first benefit plan, built out a complete staffing infrastructure that enabled us to triple our size from 20 to 60 employees, created stage-appropriate policies and procedures, implemented a cloud-based HR management system that significantly streamlined manual processes like onboarding employees, and served as a trusted advisor to me on all things related to building a high performance team. Our Consultant was very attuned to the business realities of a smaller company while clearly having a deep breadth of knowledge and experience in HR. I consider him to be a valuable partner and member of my executive team even though he is only physically in the office two days a week”

– Jeff Russell, Founder & CEO

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Summit HR Solutions specializes in elevating your HR function and TRANSITIONING our clients from PEOs

Summit HR Solutions provides a fully-customized, comprehensive, and cost-effective solution. Be it a management transition, rapid growth, downsizing, re-focusing objectives, or any other business challenge your company is facing, Summit HR Solutions is your strategic partner with practical, expert-level solutions.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Fred Holt of Summit HR Solutions for a combined 8 years, most recently at Photobucket. I have found it somewhat rare in the business world to find HR leaders that bring strategic value to a company, but that is what Fred brings. By balancing the realities of a smaller company and leveraging his deep HR experience, he is a valuable part of my management team and of the company. Fred has been instrumental from the earliest days in helping define our company values/vision/mission, leading all hiring efforts and on-boarding, and generally building and executing HR strategies and initiatives that align and support key business objectives.”

– Tom Munro
CEO Photobucket

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