sometimes you just have to get out of the office.

SwiftLeadership® Workships, powered by Summit HR Solutions, are the perfect opportunity for your business leaders to participate in an invigorating half-day of building leadership skills and networking with leaders from other emerging growth companies.

To deliver a personal, impactful experience, workshop size is limited to 20 participants. Managers leave with better leadership skills. They brush up existing skills and bring new ones to your workplace to guide and inspire your people. The positive impacts will be felt company-wide.


“Incredibly valuable. I wish I had this experience sooner. I have learned how to see things through a different lens.”

“Now that I understand communication styles, I see where I need to make some changes in how I interact with my team.”

“I loved the real-life scenarios in the exercises. It helped connect the training to my management job.”

“The facilitator kept the pace going and us engaged.”

“I have a lot more confidence in handling difficult conversations and managing conflict.”

Shift your organization into a learning culture

SwiftLeadership® Cafe, powered by Summit HR Solutions, is an off-the-shelf training program that provides organizations the framework to create your own internal leadership development program.

Each module is 30-60 minutes in length, allowing practical leadership tools to be developed within the organization without taking time away from your day-to-day business.

Our program is designed to be delivered by your managers to your front-line supervisors during their regularly scheduled staff meetings. This leader-led style gives your managers an opportunity to lead their employees. The topics are designed to be taught in any order, based on the needs of your organization. The entire organization will benefit if it focuses on the same topics at the same time, creating a shared language that builds a leadership culture.